Thursday, 14 July 2016

July she will fly

Sometimes you learn things that really surprise you, things you read about and a little sparkle of excitement jumps inside you.
Today I learned that in Paris back in the 1850s there was such a thing as treetop restaurants and bars. The original 'grand Robinson' was a restaurant built in an old chestnut tree. People who could not get to the seaside would come for a getaway. It was all the rage! The pictures are just amazing.

There are far more amazing details on the website - messynessychic

There is also some really interesting information about the moulin rouge and it's famous (or infamous) elephant.

And now for a song, one I keep coming back to. It sounds like summer rain, you know the kind that is warm and heavy and all at once.
  April come she will-simon and garfunkel.

"I want to know you moved and breathed in the same world with me" - F Scott Fitzgerald

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

I love the tone that's in your laugh...

Thursday was a momentous day for the people of the United Kingdom. It was our biggest opportunity for change in many years, an opportunity we held in our hands. And we voted. All of us...well most of us. Someone once told me that you should always vote, if only to stop the crazy people getting into power. I agree. It's your right as a person but for me and many of you reading this it's also your right as a woman.
Did you know that women only earned the right to vote in 1928 (in England anyway). That's nothing compared to women in Saudi Arabia who were only allowed to vote for the first time in December 2015.

"all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others".

Summer has arrived where I live. There are wild berries growing in my garden and everything is lush and alive. There have been some storms recently which brought with them warm summer rain. I love that. Afterwards it smells fresh and clean but the air is still hot.
Such magic.

When the weather is hot it makes me want to make social food. It makes me wish I had a porch and a rocking chair. I'd make a big jug of fresh lemonade, the traditional cloudy kind and nice coconut cake.

This is a song that I just can't help but love. The video as well! Don Bluth animation. It's like made for me....... Mary by the scissor sisters 

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Eyes across a crowded room...

In my head, my life maps out like a story. Like I'm the main character in 'Callisto's marvellous life' or something. Do you ever feel like that? Like events are already planned? Let's call it 'fate' or more romantically 'destiny'.

So all this talk of destiny brings me to today, when I had one of the most fantastic and numbing experiences of my life thus far.
I went out for the day with a friend and we ended up in this little town and there was a 1940s weekend on. It was all around the train station and there was a steam train, ww2 jeeps and vehicles and even a spitfire!
Everyone was dressed up, fantastic!

So we were looking around this little vintage shop and someone bumped me from behind. He said sorry but I didn't turn around. Then I felt him trip over my foot! I turned around to say sorry and we smiled at each other. He was dressed in a soldier's uniform with hat.

My friend asked me what happened, and I told her. I said that if I wasn't involved with someone already that this would be an amazing meetcute. She turned to me and said 'i was literally about to say that'.

In the words of Adele 'it was just like a movie...'. And to top it off, as we were leaving there was a woman singing 'la vie en rose' the correct way (in French). I mean really! It was a dream I was sorry to wake from.

I loved this so much I'll be working it into my story. 

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Bows and arrows against the lightening

War of the world's the musical - I've been revisiting it and it's amazing. So atmospheric. If you have never heard it I would definitely recommend a listen.

Right now I'm sat watching old TV shows with my cat, I'm remembering the first time that I watched them. Isn't it funny that we use media in this way; as a time capsule. We hear a song or a TV show and remember who we used to be, Who we were with and What they meant to us.
I feel that I could reach through the TV screen 10 years ago and see 15 year old me ; innocent and blissful.

Finally got some time off. I'm going to just enjoy the fact that I'm not in work. I'm going to try and find a better job and generally organise my life.
Also I'm gonna have a day where I just go somewhere. Wherever I feel drawn to go. There is magic in the air recently and I feel that something is about to happen. * I'm sure that's just the impetuous child in me* nonetheless I'm excited.

Roald Dahl wrote "the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it"

Also, I'm going to try to write a book...well probably a short story, I don't know if I could fill a book's worth.
Right now I'm in planning phase though I have written a few pages of various sections. It's going to be a crime/mystery/romance starring 'claude', my favourite heroine.

Song that I can't stop singing at the minute is Adele-when we were young. I think it's by far her best song. She has the ability to capture an emotion, a moment in time. The woman is phenomenal.
That said Adele is a world wide sensation and that song is everywhere right now so if you were looking to hear something a little different try birdhouse in your soul by they might be giants. Great 80s tune .

I'll be posting again soon with details of my adventure.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Unsupervised drinking

The point at which an average looking guy at the next table becomes gorgeous...then you hear him talking about geek stuff and decide that he is a God.

Monday, 18 April 2016

All these things that I've done

No new posts for a while, sorry about that. A pesky thing called life got in the way.

I learned a fantastic new word recently; tinderisation. As in the tinderisation of the real world. There are hundreds of different articles on the Internet on this very subject, all boiling down to one theory. That modern life is changed and that we are becoming a society baffled by choice. These choices are taken at face value and are swiped into a yes box or a no box. Complex choices are made with little or no real information; love, work, social. It takes away all the human complexities. We are in danger of becoming an emotionless society, devoid of real human interaction. Only tweeting people or liking their satus'.
Google it, it's interesting to read about.

In other news I am basically living at my place of work I'm there so often! Eat sleep work repeat. I am so tired, making mistakes left right and centre, possibly in trouble for reasons I cannot speak of, and have just had a terrible few days.
Also I'm still lacking a best friend. I feel like if I had one my life would seem more care-free and fuller. C'est la vie, I think I will feel stressed until I die. I guess it's just me.

Happier tones... I'm on countdown to my next day off. Plan to distribute some more notes. Also will be having some time with my partner and my family and attempting to find my dream job.

I went back a bit for my music choice today, back to my wild youth. I loved the killers. There were at one time my favourite band and I still love them but the obsession is gone. I've chosen All these things that I've done. "I've got soul but I'm not a soldier"