Monday, 22 February 2016

Cities on fire

I remember being in youthful innocence. 18. My partner in crime driving his old silver Peugeot, the vintage kind with a tape player, cigarette lighter and 80's style grey interior.

The night would call us and we would drive. We would go down the country roads and out into the nothingness. We seemed to be heading towards some goal, some epiphany. Together we were electricity.
I remember we drove out on a dirt Road which ran through a wild Moor. Upon the hill he stopped the car and we got out. The view was breathtaking. A thousand tiny glittering lights. Thousands of lives being lived right there below us. People sleeping, people working, people being born, people falling In love, people dying... And then us. Two people stood quietly on a dark Moor watching the city live and breathe.

Every time I see a city lit up at night I think about that. Before everything, when I had an  innocent spirit. How he used to set my soul on fire!

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